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YouTube videos show Mormon missionaries' emotional reunions with family members

Two years before Danielle Chard, a 19-year-old from Salt Lake City, posted a video of more than 80 Olympus High School graduates from the class of 2012 opening their LDS mission calls, another woman shared her own tribute to missionaries on YouTube.

The video, titled "LDS Missionaries Coming Home Mix," was created by a woman with the username supermom6kids. She made the video in honor of her five sons, and she plans to make another of sister missionaries when her daughter serves.

Uploaded on Aug. 16, 2011, the video features a number of young men seeing their families for the first time after being away for two years.

YouTube users who have served missions, or know someone who is serving, have expressed their gratitude in the comments section below the video.

"I don't know how I wandered across this video but it is amazing! You've done an amazing job capturing the spirit of it all. I've been home for over a decade. ... I'm in tears with a flood of memories. ... Thank you! I downloaded on iTunes.You ARE a SUPERMOM," wrote jbbwest.

Set to the song "Coming Home" by Tim Gates, the video has more than 249,000 views.

Another video, posted last week, features the emotional reunion of a mother and her returning son. The four-minute embrace between the two is set to the song "Feels Like Home" by Chantal Kreviazuk.

In the short time it has been up, it has received 7,524 views.

Megan Marsden is an intern with the Deseret News writing for the Faith and Family sections. She is a junior at BYU-Idaho studying communication. The views of the writer do not reflect the views of BYU-Idaho.