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Logan quarterback Luke Falk switches commit to Washington State

LOGAN — Logan quarterback Luke Falk informed the Deseret News on Thursday that he has renounced his commitment to Cornell and will enroll at Washington State.

Falk, who also plays basketball for Logan, made the comments following the school's quarterfinals win in the state 4A tournament.

“After (Cornell coach Kent Austin) left (to the CFL), I was still committed and (Washington State) coach (Mike) Leach came in and recruited me pretty hard,” Falk said. “I decided I wanted to go play Pac-12 ball — that’s my dream.”

Falk, a 6-foot-4, 219-pound quarterback who operated in virtually the same offensive system at Logan as Washington State uses, threw for 5,124 yards and 53 touchdowns with only 15 interceptions during his sophomore and senior seasons in Logan. He transferred to Oaks Christian in California as a junior, but returned after the move proved difficult on his family.

“It was kind of what I was looking for in a college. It’s a small college town — it’s like Logan, where I’m from,” Falk said. “It seems like they’ve got a more college environment, it’s small, they run my offense and everybody up there is pretty cool.”


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