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Wetland destroyed

Gary Crandall, Nature Conservancy

While Salt Lake City makes a big effort to portray itself as a good steward of the environment, its water department has embarked on a project to destroy a pristine wetland hidden just north of Van Winkle Boulevard and 1200 East.

Without hearings or permits, they bulldozed massive hundred-year-old trees, filled in ponds and estuaries and installed tall barbed-wire fences around what was once an extraordinary wildlife preserve and relict ecosystem teeming with all manner of aquatic birds, deer, beaver and innumerable other species usually crowded out by human population growth.

The Legacy Highway was delayed for 10 years to save just 144 out of hundreds of thousands of acres of pretty ordinary wetlands. Here we are sacrificing the last 20 acres of unique and irreplaceable wetlands in the valley, and there is silence from the environmental community.

Why was no environmental impact statement filed for this destruction? Does SLC Water have so much money they can bulldoze and put up fences that look like they belong in a prison area changing a forest that belongs to the people? Are governmental agencies exempt from the very strict laws designed to protect our environment?

Joy Hansen

Salt Lake City