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Salt Lake City seeks submissions for story project

SALT LAKE CITY — In preparation for the upcoming revision of the city's downtown master plan, the Downtown Story Project is seeking video submissions from residents and visitors who have a memorable downtown moment to share.

The goal of the project is to capture stories that contribute to a broader understanding of Salt Lake City's downtown. The stories, which can relate an experience from the past, an insight on the present or a hope for the future, will be used to identify the community's values related to the area.

People with something to share can sign up to record their stories with an SLC-TV video crew on April 17 at the Salt Lake City-County Building. Requests must be received by April 15. Email for an appointment. Self-recorded stories are also accepted and can be submitted online at

The project is the first of multiple opportunities for the public to participate in the plan for the future of Salt Lake City's downtown. Upcoming events include public workshops, on-street public engagement displays, community walks and advisory group meetings. To read an overview of the process, visit

Submissions to the Downtown Story Project will be exhibited at the Salt Palace Convention Center on Thursday, May 9, at the first master plan public workshop. Videos will be shown at a 5 p.m. open house, followed by the workshop at 6 p.m. More information on the master plan effort can be found at