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Harry Potter comes to life: Quidditch association staging sixth World Cup (+photos)

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Who says "Harry Potter" is just for the pages of books and movies?

Thanks to the brainchild of two college roommates eight years ago, the International Quidditch Association is staging its sixth World Cup event in Kissimmee beginning on Saturday, and bringing 80 worldwide teams to compete in a real-life version of the sport played by characters in the fictional series.

Other than not having the ability to fly on broomsticks, quidditch has grown from a grassroots fringe activity enjoyed by "Harry Potter" fans to one that both novices and diehards alike can enjoy.

Although he embraces the growth, the league's commissioner, Alex Benepe, says he is resisting the urge to take on sponsorships in hopes of keeping the sport's original community spirit intact.