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Weber State football: Wildcats use Purple and White game for more practice

OGDEN — Compared to typical spring games, it was as unusual as Lady Gaga. At times, it was difficult to understand. And the title itself was misleading.

However, when you consider the event was intended to be an extra practice-scrimmage, Weber State coach Jody Sears thought everything fell into place swimmingly in his program's Purple and White game at Stewart Stadium Saturday.

“I’m really happy with the way we finished, especially offensively,” Sears said. “It’s been a little bit inconsistent throughout the course of spring because of some new things. It was nice to see really both sides of the ball making a lot of good plays.”

WSU was thin because of injuries and instead of splitting the team into two, it was divided into offense (white) and defense (purple). This meant that, although the white team technically won 21-0, neither squad was able to acquire points. Therefore, it morphed into an officiated practice.

“We went into this thing as a practice-scrimmage,” Sears said. “The first thing we wanted to do was stay healthy. And No. 2, we wanted to get more reps. We turned the scoreboard on but we were just practicing — out there playing football like we were in the backyard.”

The ‘Cats were fluent offensively in many ways. The high-tempo, four-to-five wide sets allowed individual standouts to shine.

Erik Walker solidified his position as the big-play generator. The 5-10 senior was the recipient of two touchdown passes: the first was a 65-yard post route that he took to the hashes and up the sideline; the second was a red-zone corner at the pylon. Once again, Walker demonstrated his ability to create separation and get out of routes quickly, an attribute new offensive coordinator Robin Pflugrad’s scheme thrives on.

“I really like this offense,” Walker said. “It’s a receiver base offense whether it’s throwing it down field or in the run game — we’ve got screens set up. Always being involved is a lot of fun.”

Braden Corpus led all receivers with six receptions for 135 yards including a 60-yard touchdown off a play-action from quarterback Jordan Adamczyk.

An area of question entering spring was the quarterback position. It appeared to be a two-man race between Adamczyk and JC transfer Alfonso Medina. Albeit the answer is still undetermined, if Saturday was an indication of the pecking order, Adamcyzk is the top rooster.

“He had a good day. We’re going to have that same discussion Tuesday morning,” Sears said when asked if Adamczyk’s performance earned him the starting position. “I’m really happy with the way he’s moving the offense. We’ll visit later in the week and see where we’re at with that.”

Adamczyk finished 10 of 14 for 174 yards and three touchdowns after starting with an interception on the opening drive.

“I’m not even thinking about that. I want the best for the team,” said Adamczyk about the quarterback position battle. “I want the best for the team. Whatever the coaches choose, I understand. I support their decision. I’m just trying to play my best right now.”

The defense showed glimpses of talent in the secondary, often closing on receivers before they could turn up field. It only allowed passes over the top twice. Fellow safeties Chris Wheeler and JUCO transfer DJ Bush both recorded interceptions. James Washington and Siamani Harris were credited with sacks.

“It was nice to see the defense get some turnovers,” Sears said. “It was good to see.”

The depth chart isn’t finalized, but overall Sears believes the pieces are starting to connect. Weber State is coming off a 2-9 season last year and opens up at home against Stephen F. Austin Aug. 31.


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