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Avalon Health Care awarded management of veterans homes

PAYSON — Avalon Health Care has been awarded management of the new Central Utah Veterans Home in Payson and the Southern Utah Veterans Home in Ivins.

The Payson location is anticipated to open in early July, and the Ivins location is anticipated to open in late June. The new facilities will include 108 fully private rooms apiece, with private bathrooms in small individual housing units.

The homes are being constructed with environmentally friendly design features.

For patient information regarding veterans and families who are interested in the new facilities, contact Kelly Snowball at 801-334-4325.

People interested in working at the new facilities can contact Byron Kirton at 801-870-0522 or

Avalon Health Care is a group of related companies that provide health care and ancillary services in Utah, Arizona, California, Washington and Hawaii. It is a privately owned Utah holding company that offers home and community care options for seniors and their families.