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Ute football: Nine unresolved issues face the Utes going forward

SALT LAKE CITY — Everybody has eyes on Ute quarterback Travis Wilson's development, but that's not the only compelling storyline in Utah's football camp this spring.

Wilson's development will be key to the success of Utah's on-the-field product to be sure, so it is with good reason that U. fans want to know how he has progressed. There are, however, several other cogs in the machine that may make or break the Utes in 2013.

Whether it be the linebackers, the offensive line, the receivers or special teams, no one position group is completely absent of intrigue. Some problems the Utes are staring down will be resolved shortly; others may persist all the way to December, especially if injuries come into play.

With all that's been said of Utah's upcoming third year in the Pac-12, here are nine storylines that may have flown under the radar, plus a little treat for Ute football fans at the end.

Landon Hemsley is the sports content manager for Email: Twitter: @EarlOfHemsley