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Granite Education Foundation names teachers as Excel Award winners

SOUTH SALT LAKE — The Granite Education Foundation has named this year's Excel Award winners.

The foundation annually names a handful of educators who have made a difference in the lives of their students and the community, according to the organization.

The winners are Phillip C. Cannon, math and physics teacher, Cottonwood High; Jennifer Carlson Christensen, EMT/EMS teacher, Granite Technical Institute; Harvey E. Colby, science teacher, Valley Junior High; Marcia M. Craven, sixth-grade teacher, Fox Hills Elementary; Joli Johanson, third-grade teacher, Lake Ridge Elementary; Toni Martin, sixth-grade teacher, Truman Elementary; Anne Reese, second grade teacher, Driggs Elementary; Carol J. Skousen third-grade teacher, Twin Peaks Elementary; Kimberly Westenskow, special education teacher, Hartvigsen School; and Tina West, principal of Rosecrest Elementary.