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Environment 'conspiracy'

In reading Stan McQueen's letter, my attention was drawn to the last sentence "speculating about the motives" of environmental advocates who would destroy the economy in the name of preventing climate change ("Climate change facts," April 15). This feels like conspiracy theory. The environmentally conscious people with whom I've interacted have no vested interest in hurting the economy. They, like all, are negatively impacted when the economy is down. But maybe the economy isn't the only consideration.

What I find admirable about the environmental cause is a willingness to look beyond the immediate comforts of me and mine and to consider the world we're leaving for those who will follow. I guess if there is an environmental conspiracy, it would be people lending their voices to the animal and plant kingdoms and to generations unborn who really have no voice but whose well-being so heavily depends upon our practices, policies and decisions.

Matthew Weed