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VIDEO: Boston fans take over singing national anthem before Bruins game


Sports' collective response to tragedy is a well-regarded reaction, an expectation, even.

The sports community didn't disappoint in the wake of the shocking explosions that marred the Boston Marathon earlier this week. After the NBA's Celtics and NHL's Bruins postponed their respective games scheduled on Tuesday, the Bruins played the Buffalo Sabres on Wednesday night.

The match itself, however, became the secondary story after an inspiring pre-game moment. The fans in attendance joined in on the national anthem, nearly drowning out the assigned singer before he stopped singing — and started directing the fans in an en masse performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

The Bruins eventually lost 3-2 after a shootout, but both teams gathered at center ice and raised their sticks to salute the fans and the city in honor of those killed and hurt in Monday's attack.

Matt Petersen is the Sports Web Editor for You can follow him on Twitter at @TheMattPetersen.