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U. names recipients of Equity and Diversity Awards

SALT LAKE CITY — Three individuals and one organization will be recognized by the University of Utah Office for Equity and Diversity for leadership and commitment to inclusion at the U.

The honorees are students Emilio Camu and Geneva Thompson, faculty member Adrienne Cachelin, and the Native American Research Institute.

Camu a third-year undergraduate majoring in communications, will receive the award for contributions by students. He produced the Asian American Student Association High School Conference, and is an active member in a variety of student organizations.

Thompson receives the award for student contributions in the past year. She served as ASUU’s student body president for the 2012-13 school year. Thompson focused on policies including campus-wide regulations for how students can report racial harassment, campus-wide surveys to gauge how secure students feel in talking about issues of race and diversity in their classrooms and a fledgling diversity training for faculty and staff.

Cachelin was awarded for sustained contributions by university staff and faculty. She is an associate instructor for environmental studies at the College of Social and Behavioral Science as well as the College of Health. During her tenure at the U., Cachelin has been an advocate for inclusiveness in environmental education and social justice in and out of her classroom.

Native American Research Institute was recognized for sustained contributions by university units over past years. NARI is a 10-week summer internship program for American Indian or Alaska students interested in biomedical and health science research.