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Kennecott landslide

Simply asking employees to "take vacation or unpaid leave" is not an acceptable solution to the Kennecott landslide issue. With nearly 18,000 employees, this company is by no means small and should have measures in place to assist in compensating its workers in times of emergency. If the mine is unable to come back online soon, many employees may be forced to seek unemployment compensation once they learn their job is no longer an option.

While Kennecott Utah Copper might be attempting to find work for individuals that cannot afford to take vacation, it is only a matter of time before all employees will be seeking some kind of compensation. Kennecott should either encourage employees to apply for unemployment compensation now while they are unsure of the mine's future, with the option of returning to work should the mine be cleared, or provide paid vacation time until the mine's integrity is assessed. Also, saying that Kennecott cannot pay people to dig out the useless dirt is very ignorant, since the mine will never be able to function in its current state or make any kind of profit.

Jordan Zamora