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Obituary: GALLI, JAMIE

Jamie GalliNovember 30, 1961 ~ April 16, 2013Jamie is the youngest child of C. Joseph and Evelyn R. Galli. He grew up in Hacienda Heights, California, coming to Utah as a teen. He obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Utah and enjoyed decades of fun, service, and employment in the Utah arts community. Jamie reinvented himself in recent years, finding meaning and pleasure in nursing and caretaking endeavors. Collector of elephants, baker of cakes, and hummer of Broadway tunes- he will be missed and remembered. Jamie is survived by his mother, Lynn (Mimi); siblings, Jeff, Stephen, and Dina; and valued extended family. Jamie had a host of friends in all the phases of his life. There was little time for good-byes, but each of you mattered.