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ATV riders ignoring canyon closure following landslide

HERRIMAN — Kennecott officials are warning ATV riders who are bypassing road closures in Butterfield Canyon and driving to the edge of the Bingham Canyon Mine that they are putting themselves in danger.

"They're making their way all the way up to the overlook of the pit," said John Birkinshaw, Kennecott land resource manager. "It's not a good spot for the general public."

The canyon is scheduled to be closed until Memorial Day, partly because of remaining snowpacks that have kept Kennecott employees from securing overlook areas, Birkinshaw said.

Access to the canyon is closed in both Salt Lake and Tooele counties and is estimated to remain closed until Memorial Day. Signs have been placed at the closed gates, Birkinshaw said.

"People are creative and manage to find a way in," he said.

Kennecott Utah Copper has asked county government to help spread the word about the closure as the weather warms up and more people think about entering the canyon.