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Nationally known creative bloggers descend on Thanksgiving Point

More than 450 of the nation’s top creative and DIY bloggers descended on Thanksgiving Point this past weekend for the annual conference.

“Our conference is about taking our on-line presence and personalities and applying them in-person and off-line,” SNAP! Conference Founder Tauni Everett said.

SNAP! is a website creative bloggers flock to for idea-sharing and to collaborate about current trends. The bloggers, many wearing colorful clothing, came to Utah from across the United States and Canada to take instructional classes and to network.

According to one attendee, the big draw to SNAP! is to find people who are like them. “They get me!” photography blogger Kristen Duke of Austin, Texas, tweeted just after arriving. “I like being positive and sharing myself and my life with the world,” said Duke. “My friends at home don’t always understand why I have to blog."

The bloggers produced an obscene amount of creative synergy at the conference and elaborately decorated the Lehi Springhill Marriott hotel room doors where many bloggers stayed during the conference. Their colorful presence gave the Thanksgiving Point Tulip festival a run for its money.

SNAP! is one of the nation’s largest creative blog conferences. Utah is an obvious host to large blogging conferences since nearly 35 percent of all American blog contributors live in Utah, according to a survey by

“We have a culture of memory-keeping here. Many of us were taught from an early age the importance of journaling, beautifying, creating and lifting-up. Blogging is a natural fit for us,” Everett said.

“Whenever a blogger finds out I’m from Utah, they always say, 'Let me guess, you’re a Mormon, too.' The rest of the blogging world is catching-on and are accepting Utah as home to their annual blog conferences.”

Even though the SNAP! conference is relatively new, it has already experienced smash success at drawing creative bloggers from around the country. “We sold our 450 available conference tickets in just four hours,” Everett said. “Within two months we had a waiting list of more than 200 bloggers who wanted to attend.”

According to conference data, the average blogger in attendance at SNAP! gets an estimated 200,000 hits per month on their websites. “Our highest trafficking attendee gets more than 8 million hits every month,” Everett said.

“Our demographic is mostly stay-at-home-moms with an above average income. They have time to create and want to teach kids the importance of being creative,” Everett said, stressing the word want.

Utah Native Kelly Vincent of traveled from St. George to take part in the conference. “I’m a nerd so I love the classes and am taking home some hugely helpful ideas to get my blog (to) grow,” Vincent said. “I’ve been so pleased at the level of organization and classes. It was worth coming for sure.”

The conference also brought in the Queen Bee Market from Southern California to Thanksgiving Point for one night only, offering mostly hand-made goods from blogger boutiques around the country. The market naturally drew in a large crowd of Utah women who learned about the boutique from their favorite bloggers.

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