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Utah runners unite to raise money for Boston Marathon bombing victims

Some of them understand the brutal dedication it takes to run the Boston Marathon.

Some of them have no idea what it feels like to run a 5K without stopping to catch their breath.

Some of them feel broken and injured by the bombs that exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring more than 150 others.

Some are too young to really understand just how fragile — and fleeting — life really is.

Their age, ability and even their dedication to the sport of running didn't matter Monday night, as thousands of people gathered at fun runs all across the country with a singular purpose — to show the Boston Marathon bombing victims they're loved by raising money to help them heal.

Each of them have a unique story to tell. Read four such stories from around the state of Utah written by Amy Donaldson, Kim Cowart, Brian Nicholson and Mark Nelson.

The Deseret News has compiled pictures and sentiments from four of the fundraising events that were held in Utah on Monday night benefiting the One Boston Fund, which of course, are located above.

Contributing: Amy Donaldson, Kim Cowart, Brian Nicholson and Mark Nelson. Follow Amy Donaldson on Twitter: @adonsports. Email: