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West side bias

I have to comment on Frank Overfelt's letter to the editor ("TRAX Logic," April 19). His conclusion that "most frequent fliers reside east of I-15" is emblematic of the arrogance that regularly affects decisions adversely impacting the west side of the valley.

The sad part of this is that he (and others) cannot see the underlying bias in their similar suppositions. I would be surprised if UTA did not study route alignments prior making this decision. While it may be inconvenient for Overfelt and others to change trains when they travel once a week, I believe it will be less inconvenient than trying commuting west to east every day as many people on the west side do.

I challenge those that hold similar bias toward the west side of the valley to rethink things and see the west side of the Salt Lake valley as the great place to live that it is.

Darryl Larson

West Valley City