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Picturing history: Fishing River church site

The 1834 expedition known as Zion's Camp arrived at the banks of Fishing River near the border of Ray and Clay counties in Missouri around June 19. They camped between the Little Fishing and Big Fishing rivers on land that was somewhat elevated above the water.

They received word that an attack would likely be made by locals who felt threatened by the presence of this group of Mormons from the East. After some of the locals threatened to "kill Joe Smith and his army," a violent storm arose. The winds, rain and hail prevented any skirmish between the two groups.

The Prophet Joseph and a number of his associates took refuge in a log Baptist church until the storm died down. That old church is no longer standing, but it was next to the barn seen here.

These two views were taken at different times; the barn's roof was changed in the meantime.