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What's new: Boxes for filing temple family file cards

Lory Van Valkenburg has seen and heard of people storing temple family file cards in all sorts of containers — from envelopes to plastic zip seal bags to plastic containers that once housed wet wipes.

Family file cards are the pink, blue or ivory cards that are printed at the temple and show the ordinances for a deceased ancestor. Once an ordinance has been completed in a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the cards are stamped and the bar code scanned so that it’s also recorded on

Van Valkenburg said her boxes and the dividers for each ordinance show at a glance what work needs to be done.

The boxes are made of a sturdy cardboard and are designed to fit the family file cards. They aren’t much different size and shape than a regular file card of a similar size.

Van Valkenburg said the difference is the artwork of black-and-white photos around the box.

“It’s designed as a reminder,” van Walkenburg said. “They aren’t just names on a card, but treasured souls to keep.”

The boxes are in three different sizes with hinged boxes that hold from 75 to about 400 cards and one with a sliding drawer that holds about 1,200 cards. They range in price from $14.95 to $34.95. For information see or call 801-254-9023.