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Lakers armchair analysis: San Antonio's Tony Parker dominated Game 2

The Lakers have been plagued by injuries all season, and their hobbled roster really came back to bite them in Game 2 of their opening-round NBA playoff series versus San Antonio.

Despite keeping it close for most of the night, the Spurs always seemed to be just out of the Lakers' reach. Tony Parker was relentless the entire game and couldn't be stopped. In the end, he led the Spurs to a 102-91 victory.

Closing out quarters: The Spurs really capitalized at the end of each quarter, which extended their leads and energized them to start the following quarter. In the first quarter, the Spurs ended on a 10-3 run. At the end of the second, the Spurs went on a 13-4 run. And at the end of the third quarter the Spurs went on a 6-3 run. In the fourth, the pace was much slower, and the game was winding down, but the Spurs nevertheless outscored the Lakers 9-7 to close out the fourth.

Tony Parker: Throughout the game, the best player on the floor was MVP candidate Parker. He did everything he could to give his team the victory, and stayed aggressive the entire game. He scored 15 points in the third quarter alone, and ended with 28 points, seven assists and zero turnovers. No matter who was guarding him, Parker attacked them with intensity that couldn't be matched.

Injuries: Injuries are what hurt the Lakers the most. In the previous matchup with the Spurs, Lakers shooting guard Jodie Meeks sprained his left ankle. He tried to play on it during warm-ups, but after a short amount of time on the court, he headed back into the locker room. He didn't play.

Meanwhile, Lakers forward Antawn Jamison and point guard Steve Nash both played Wednesday night despite having current injuries. However, Lakers guard Steve Blake injured his right leg late in the game, and will be examined Thursday to determine the seriousness of the injury. The Lakers, of course, are also without superstar Kobe Bryant, who is out for the rest of the season.

Down 2-0 in the series, the Lakers return home for a pair of games against the Spurs, starting with Game 3 on Friday night.

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