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Sinkhole closes Taylorsville road through weekend

TAYLORSVILLE — A sinkhole has closed lanes at a busy intersection, likely through the weekend.

The sinkhole, which measured about 3-feet wide and 20-feet deep, was spotted a few minutes before 5 p.m. Friday at the intersection of 5400 South and 3200 West.

The Utah Department of Transportation determined the hole was created when a corrugated metal pipe connecting drainage lines collapsed beneath the road.

Crews were working to stake out multiple utility lines that run beneath the road in order to backfill the hole Friday night, UDOT reported. Work was expected to last until early Monday morning.

Both north and southbound lanes on 3200 West will be closed through the weekend, but travel on 5400 South will remain open, with lane restrictions, said Aimee Newton, Taylorsville spokeswoman.

"It sounds like one of the pipes started to corrode, and because of that it failed," Newton said.

One car hit the hole and bottomed out when the sinkhole opened, but no major accidents or injuries had occurred as of Friday night.