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Reader voices: To see beyond the fog, we must put our trust in someone else

Fog and smog fill the Salt Lake Valley on Sunday morning in December 2009.
Fog and smog fill the Salt Lake Valley on Sunday morning in December 2009.
Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News

One day last month, I had to drive to work in a dense fog. It was so thick I could only see a few feet beyond my car in any direction. It was a curious feeling to be driving on a road that I had been on a thousand times and yet have it feel so foreign, so different.

As I drove along this usually familiar route, I found myself struggling to recall landmarks that I could normally see easily but were invisible at the time. I mentally reminded myself when the road curved, when there was a hill ahead and other details.

As I successfully navigated through the fog, I thought of how difficult this task would be for someone who was not familiar with the road. I thought how their success would be dependent only on what they could see at that moment.

It occurred to me that someone familiar with this road — like myself — could serve as a guide for this unfamiliar traveler. I could warn the traveler of the curves, hills and obstacles ahead. I could describe the landscape, buildings and houses that lie hidden from their view.

The safety and success of this traveler, however, would be dependent on the faith and trust they placed in me. Their knowledge of this road would be limited to the tiny piece of it that they could see. They would not be able to see the obstacles ahead that I know are there.

We are all like this traveler in the fog on an unknown road. Our vision is limited now. We do not know what lies ahead of us. We cannot see the curves, hills and obstacles in our future. We also cannot see the beauty and treasure that may lie a short distance ahead but is now obscured from our view.

Our Heavenly Father knows what is ahead for us. He knows the trials and blessings that await us. He loves us and wants to be our guide. If we will place our faith in him, he will lead, guide and direct us. He will lead us home.

Sandra Nazar lives, writes and blogs in Oklahoma with her husband and five children. She blogs at