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The Economist seeks college students to boost its digital base

The Economist, 1 November 2008 issue.
The Economist, 1 November 2008 issue.

The Economist is going “back 2 school” with its new digital ad campaign targeting college students.

“An effort that is to begin on Monday will carry the theme ‘Dare 2 Go Deep With The Economist’ — the numeral, presumably, echoing how so many members of the intended audience use shorthand when they communicate online and on mobile devices,” Stuart Elliott reported Tuesday for The New York Times. “Indeed, digital media is the primary way that The Economist and its new advertising agency … intend to disseminate the campaign, which has a budget of just under $1 million. The ads will urge turning to The Economist for a deeper, more thorough understanding of what goes on in the world.”

Near the end of the article, Elliott reported circulation figures for The Economist that he obtained from Economist Group Managing Director Paul Rossi:

Total worldwide circulation: 1,558,119

Worldwide print circulation: 1,455,261

Worldwide digital circulation: 102,858

Total North America circulation: 897,849

North America print circulation: 831,978

North America digital circulation: 65,871

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