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Provo police investigate shattered window incident

PROVO — A Provo woman wants justice and to warn others after what she described as a scary encounter on the road.

Last month, somebody blew out the back window of her car and may have used something more commonly associated with pottery — porcelain.

April Kirtland said she was traveling south on University Avenue with her husband and three children around 10 p.m. March 24. Near 3300 North, she said a black SUV began to trail closely in the car's blind spot. Moments later, Kirtland said, she heard a loud crash coming from the rear of the car.

“Seriously, it sounded just like somebody had … taken a boulder and just thrown it with everything they had,” she said.

About that time, Kirtland said the SUV raced ahead, and her car's rear window began to show the signs of an impact.

“I began to hear loud crackling noises, and as I looked closer and there were more lights down the road, I saw that there was a giant crack in the (window),” she said. “It just completely before my eyes started to micro-shatter everywhere.”

Within minutes, the glass was cracked everywhere. Pieces started to fall away, revealing a giant hole. Kirtland said she feared for her children who were resting in the back seat.

“If it had hit one of my side windows, my son was sitting right there, and then the infant and then my daughter,” she said. “If it had blown out that window, they would have been covered in glass. They probably all would have had their faces cut up. It could have been a lot more serious.”

Provo police officer Chris Chambers said Wednesday investigators still weren’t entirely certain how things transpired. Kirtland said the responding officer suggested someone in the black SUV could have thrown a spark plug or a piece of porcelain at the window, which can slice through tempered glass.

Still, Chambers said it would be difficult to throw anything from one moving car to another with much precision.

Kirtland, who has since had the rear window replaced, maintains her family was targeted, and she’d like to see those responsible caught.

“That could have been very disastrous," she said. "I just hope that this doesn’t happen anymore. It was really terrible.”

Anyone with information about the incident can call Provo police at 801-852-6210.