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Bicyclist hit near freeway onramp in critical condition

SALT LAKE CITY — A bicyclist was in critical condition Monday night after being hit by a car near the 500 South onramp, leaving traffic snarled late into the night.

The bicyclist was transported to an area hospital while the driver remained on scene at the intersection of 500 South and 500 West to answer questions. Traffic on 500 West was at a standstill while travel down 500 South was reduced to one lane.

The man on the bike tried to beat a red light as he crossed 500 South heading west about 10 p.m., but one driver didn't see him until he was right in front of her car, Salt Lake Police Lt. Carl Merino said. He was wearing dark clothing, making him difficult to see.

"She tried to avoid him, but circumstances just put him right in front of her," Merino said, indicating it is unlikely she will face any charges in the accident.

Merino estimated the man is in his 50s. His name was not immediately released Monday.