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HB76 veto is misguided

During a recent news interview, our governor stated that he was satisfied with Utah's present gun regulations and didn't see a need for change. For this and possibly other reasons, he applied a veto vote to HB76 which would have allowed Utah citizens to carry an unloaded concealed weapon.

I see two constitutional conflicts with our current state gun regulations, both of which would be removed with the passing of HB76. (This may have been why so many of our current Utah State Representatives overwhelmingly supported this bill.)

Prior to the formation of the Declaration of Independence and the government, our forefathers were endowed by their creator with the right to carry a concealed weapon. To this day, that right has not been abolished. By the Second Amendment, the right to carry a concealed weapon without first obtaining a licence from government is certainly not a personal infringement of a citizen's right to "keep and bear Arms." Governments derive their just powers from the governed, and just powers can only be used to secure rights, not abolish them.

Maybe our governor doesn't see a need to change Utah's gun laws but hopefully our state representatives will and they will apply their support to overriding the misdirected veto action.

Henry Todd