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Latter-day Saint Jabari Parker ends high school career on high note

It's been a memorable senior year for Jabari Parker.

He committed to play at Duke, led his team to a fourth straight state title, was named Illinois Mr. Basketball for the second year in a row, was awarded the Morgan Wootten Male Player of the Year, was named to the McDondald's All-American squad and overall solidified his case as one of the top young basketball players in the United States.

"I always dreamed about being amongst the ranks of especially Chicago players, but now I can say nationwide," Parker told ESPN. "Hopefully, I can take this and give myself a little bit motivation."

Parker only scored 10 points in the McDonald's game, but his West squad won, 110-99. Parker also took third in the dunk contest, according to

Jay Williams, a former Duke star and ESPN analyst, was at the event and gave Parker some advice as he prepares to go to college, according to the Chicago Tribune and

"He has great skills," Williams told the Chicago Tribune. "I told him I want to see him get mad. He's about to enter a whole different world and get challenged in ways he hasn't been. Jedi mind tricks. ... Coach K watches these games to see how guys are going to play. He wants to see Jabari be assertive. That's the next step for him to become a dominant player."

Parker was recently featured in an ESPN video where he talked about his lifelong dream to play in the NBA. He related an experience of meeting and getting a photo with LeBron James.

"I'm glad to this day that I have someone to look up to," Parker said in the ESPN video. "He was kind enough out of his heart to take a photo with some fat kid in second grade."

In another video produced by CNN, Parker describes growing up in Chicago's "notorious" South Side and his educational goals. His mother expects him to earn his degree at Duke.

"That degree will be more precious to us than any millions that he'll make," Lola Parker said in the CNN video.

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