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Inflated electric rates in Kaysville are out of control


We in Kaysville are gathering signatures to stop the city of Kaysville from taking money from the Kaysville electric fund to purchase raw ground and other items. This practice is out of control.

The reason for this practice is that if the city raised property taxes we would have to have a "truth in taxation" hearing; however, to raise electric rates, all the city fathers do is say, "We need to raise electric rates to pay for electricity," and the public goes along with it.

This practice is affecting not only the citizens of Kaysville but all citizens in Davis County. I say this because all of the schools located in Kaysville are paying inflated electric rates to Kaysville to help the city run its "real estate" business. This practice raises the electric rates and so the Davis County School District will have to raise property taxes to pay for Kaysville city's "redevelopment program." I ask you, is this fair?

Margaret Brough