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Strong winds blow, but most infrastructure still standing

CENTERVILLE — Street signs, barricades and power lines were blown down, garbage cans and trampolines tossed about, vinyl fences blown out.

But Tuesday's windstorm could have been a lot worse.

Wind gusts up to 75 mph roared through Davis County and particularly the Centerville area on Tuesday morning.

"(It's) Utah weather, typical weather," said Bountiful resident John Groen, who spent part of Tuesday morning with his sons picking up trash that had blown all over his yard.

Tuesday's garbage pickup was suspended in Centerville until 8 a.m. Wednesday. City officials encouraged residents not to put their garbage cans out on the curb until then to prevent cans and trash from being tossed all over the city.

The worst damage overnight was a light pole blown over at a Jerry Siener Buick GMC, 955 N. 400 East, in North Salt Lake. The pole landed on several vehicles, causing significant damage to the bed of one pickup truck and some damage to a second.

Dealership manager Ty Johnson was at home when he saw the damage being reported on TV. He said there was a banner hanging on the light pole that fell onto the trucks.

"Having a banner there, it probably acted like a little bit of a parachute and took its toll on the metal," he said, while optimistically adding: "We're going to have a wind sale. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade."

In other areas, blowing wind and snow created slick driving conditions and caused a few vehicles to slide off the road. But the weather also presented special challenges to responding emergency crews.

"It's just tough. It's freezing cold, it's hard to stay standing up — our cones and things blow away," said Farmington Fire Capt. Rich Loft.

The damage, however, was far less than it was in December of 2011, when strong winds caused about $3.6 million dollars in infrastructure damage, toppled trees and knocked out power to some residents for days.

The wind, blowing snow and ice also forced officials to shut down I-80 near Evanston for several hours Tuesday.

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