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Watch a video tribute to Sister Frances J. Monson

A video tribute to Sister Frances B. Monson aired on "Mormon Times TV" last Sunday.
A video tribute to Sister Frances B. Monson aired on "Mormon Times TV" last Sunday.
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Sister Frances J. Monson passed away Friday morning at 6:35 a.m. in a Salt Lake City hospital surrounded by family. Sister Monson was 85 years old.

Just last Sunday, a tribute was paid to the wife of President Thomas S. Monson on "Mormon Times TV." Sister Monson has been described as always being faithful and supportive of her husband in his many church callings.

In the video tribute, the history of the couple begins when they were married and sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on Oct. 7, 1948. After 64 years of marriage, Sister Monson showed her love to her husband, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Sister Ann Dibb, former counselor in the General Young Women Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and daughter of President Monson and Sister Monson, spoke about the quiet love her mother exemplified.

"She's always one to listen and to maybe just offer a few words of what she would do if she were in that same situation," Sister Dibb expressed in the video. "It was more just her constant example that became the greatest influence in my life. There was never a question as to what she believed, what she would do, what she expected others to do. She exemplified what you should be as a Latter-day Saint, as a Christan."

Sister Dibb explained that initially her mother struggled to have children, which was a challenge early on in life.

"She received her patriarchal blessing after she was married, and in that blessing she was assured that she would have children, and that was the only statement I think she really wanted to hear," Sister Dibb said.

Sister Dibb explained some of the things her mother was interested in.

"She loved to shop, she was always one for a bargain," Sister Dibb said. "You would always know what discount she received, or what the regular price was and then what she was able to get it for.

"One time she said, 'When I pass away, I want you to remember that I bought everything in this house on sale.'"

Funeral arrangements for Sister Monson are pending.