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'My View' on vaccines and autism is irresponsible

Publishing information in your paper that seeks to attribute the MMR vaccine to autism is grossly irresponsible and destructive. The link stated by Cindy Pokezwinski in this piece is not based in scientific fact ("MMR vaccine caused my son's autism," May 23). The National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine — along with scientific, double-blinded research — conclusively proves there is no link between the two.

Giving airtime to this quackery only causes uneducated parents of children with autism to blame themselves, blame their doctors, engage in dangerous and unproven pseudo autism treatments (e.g., chelation) and, more importantly, it redirects energy and focus from finding the actual cause (and treatments). Your team should be ashamed of themselves for publishing this. It's akin to publishing an article stating the latest and greatest MLM product can cure cancer or stop the aging process.

Travis Stratford

New York City