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Utah Jazz: Jordan's jumper still invites controversy

Micheal Jordan sinks his game-winning jumper during Game 6 in 1998.
Micheal Jordan sinks his game-winning jumper during Game 6 in 1998.
Tom Smart, Deseret News

The most memorable moment of the 1998 NBA Finals is undoubtedly Michael Jordan's winning jump shot in the final seconds of Game 6.

Everywhere else, it's celebrated as the pinnacle moment of Air Jordan's amazing career.

In Utah, of course, it remains controversial because of the way Jordan created space between himself and Jazz defender Bryon Russell before sinking the go-ahead bucket with 5.2 seconds left in Chicago's 87-86 win.

During the NBC broadcast, former Pistons great Isiah Thomas commented, "Watch Jordan's left hand here as he gives Russell the push. ... The great thing about Jordan is he has all the tricks. That's why it's so difficult to guard him."

So, Russell, savvy fair play or illegal push off?

"The way I see it, it's history. An unbelievable play. A great shot. I put judgment into the hands of those who see it and really understand the game. I don't really question it," Russell once told Sports Illustrated. "I thought I played the best defense I could have played on him. He got the shot up. Whether I slipped or they just missed the call, I thought I put myself in a great position to stop him. I give credit where credit is due."