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BYU Soccer: L.A. Misioneros score in 92nd minute to down Cougars, 1-0

PROVO – BYU suffered a tough loss as the Cougars fell 1-0 to the visiting L.A. Misioneros at South Field on Friday night.

BYU held the Misioneros to a scoreless draw in a physical battle from start to finish. Then, in the 92nd minute, Misioneros forward Brian Behrad found an opening and scored the winning goal.

"I'm proud of 99 percent of what our team did tonight. We played well," BYU head coach Chris Watkins said. "We have only three guys on our whole roster who have ever scored a goal in a PDL game now with the injuries we've had."

The Cougars made some solid defensive players for most of the game.

BYU had to hold off the two fierce Misioneros attacks at the end of the first half. Goalkeeper Brian Hale made a solid save at the 41st minute while defender Sterling Hancock made a dramatic save by using his head (literally) during the final seconds of first half stoppage time.

Defender James Bindrup was philosophical after the game. "That's kinda the beauty of soccer. It can go any way."

BYU had some decent opportunities to score in the second half as Colby Bauer had a shot on goal in the 56th minute and midfielder Garrett Gee missed just over the goal in the 58th minute. After falling behind and with just seconds to spare, midfielder Trevor Henderson took a shot that sailed over the goal. Then, time simply ran out for BYU.

One player from each team picked up a yellow card. Los Angeles' Edgar Espinoza picked up his yellow card in the 4th minute after a hard collision and BYU's Doug Clark recieved his card for tripping a Misioneros player in the 70th minute.

BYU forward Johnathan Junca went out of the game at the 29th minute. He said he wasn't able to catch his breath after a hard collision with a Misioneros player and did not return for the rest of the game.

The Cougars fall to 1-3-1, but they have a chance to rebound Saturday night against the Fresno Fuego at South Field. Play will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Lafe Peavler is a National College Football Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter @MasterPeavler