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Congress’ hypocrisy

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It is interesting that our state representatives in Congress, who assert that they support and sustain the laws of the land, are hypocritically silent on 501(c)(4) tax exemptions. Federal law stipulates that tax exemptions may be granted to organizations that are "exclusively engaged" in social welfare.

In absolute violation of the federal law cited, the Internal Revenue Service changed the wording of the law to read "primarily engaged" in social welfare. The corrupted rule has resulted in numerous political organizations such as those affiliated with the tea party to seek tax exempt status. The intent is to obtain tax exempt status, and use the organization's money mostly for political purposes.

Our state representatives know the law reads "exclusively" involved in social welfare. Consequently no political organization should be given a tax exemption under the law. Rather than demand that the law be obeyed, our representatives are focused on discrediting President Obama and the IRS.

Richard Burt