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Rock On: Messing with the Mailman

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Ah, the Mailman. Where has he been?

Jazz icon Karl Malone made news recently on two fronts. First came the announcement he would be a part-time instructor for the team’s frontcourt players.

Then, appearing on “The Dan Patrick Show," he said his all-time NBA team would include John Stockton, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, LeBron James and …Scottie Pippen?

This outraged Michael Jordan fans, to which Malone tweeted, “Calm down little grasshoppers, if you people don’t think MJ is in my top 5 you have to hear the whole interview.”

He also tweeted he was “just messing” with Patrick.

Is that anything like the messing Pippen did in 1997 when he said the Mailman doesn’t deliver on Sunday?


If Malone sounded off base, consider his former opponent, Dennis Rodman.

The Worm said if matched against stars of the ‘80s and ‘90s, LeBron James would have been “just an average player.”

Apparently that would also render tattoo-covered Miami swingman Chris Andersen “just an average sideshow.”


From the Department of Scrambled Brains comes this: Boxer Floyd Mayweather reportedly risked a $5.9 million bet on the Miami Heat in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals, in order to win $600,000.

Sources say Mayweather next plans to bet $11 million that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich uses the word “copacetic” again in a press conference, to which Charles Barkley will reply, “Yeah, I get heartburn, too.”


Central Park recently looked into stories about snakehead fish, or “Frankenfish” that can survive for days outside water and crawl on their fins.

But officials say that after surviving both Billy Martin and Plaxico Burress, New Yorkers aren’t all that scared.


Speaking of Burress, he’s launching a line of luxury men’s socks that cost $29 a pair.

Sorry to pick at old wounds, but at those prices, doesn’t it seem Burress is shooting himself in the foot?


Twitter reportedly had a mini-crash last week, but was quickly restored.

Company officials appear confident that if Jose Canseco’s tweets don’t permanently bring it down, nothing will.


The NFL is looking into having a team in London within several years.

But sources say the league is having a hard time convincing its teams that pork pie pregame meals and halftime tea breaks are a good idea.


Rock On isn’t saying the Spurs looked old in Game 2, but doesn’t the fact Tim Duncan wanted to stay at Del Boca Vista say something?

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