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Multiple disease causes

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I was disturbed by Travis Stratford's response wherein he states that "your paper ... is grossly irresponsible" for publishing Cindy Pokezwinski's opinion in "My View" (" ‘My View’ irresponsible," May 25). He then incorrectly asserts that (various research, etc.) "conclusively proves there is no link between the two," when in fact the scientific consensus is that no evidence links the vaccine to the development of autism. Making the unwarranted mental leap from consensus to proof has stymied medical and scientific progress far too many times in the past; please do not repeat that error concerning the study of autism.

Disease rarely exists as a result of a single causative agent. It is my considered belief that autism is a disease that may have multiple causes, perhaps a dozen or more, and that two or more of the predisposing factors must be present for autism to occur. Perhaps MMR vaccine is one of those factors. If the scientific community continues to look for the cause, they will continue to fail to find the answer. As Cindy Pokezwinski said, "It is time to listen to those of us that are in the trenches."

Kent Sellars