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Book Review: ‘Walking with Jack’ shows how far a father will go for his son (+video)

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"Walking with Jack: A Father's Journey to Become His Son's Caddie" is by Don J. Snyder.

“Walking with Jack: A Father’s Journey to Become His Son’s Caddie” is by Don J. Snyder.

Random House

"WALKING WITH JACK: A Father's Journey to Become His Son's Caddie," by Don Snyder, Doubleday, $25.95, 336 pages (nf)

“Walking with Jack” is a five-year journal of the author Don Snyder's time and efforts with his son Jack as they pursue their love for golf.

Jack is a soon-to-be high school graduate who wants to play golf, but no universities are interested in him. Don promises if his son becomes good enough to play on a professional golf tour, Don will be his caddie. "Walking with Jack" begins and ends as a narrative that shows the lengths a father will go to support his son.

After several years, Don finds himself in St. Andrews, Scotland, to learn from the best caddies in the world. He listens to the many stories of golfers and caddies and finds himself in a world far from the one he’s known. Both father and son have individual trials, triumphs, heartbreaks and successes.

Snyder assumes a certain level of knowledge about golf from readers, which can be difficult to follow at times for those who don’t understand the game or its terminology.

The subject matter is sensitive and the author frequently uses strong language, including swearing. There are also references to drug use, drinking and other material not suitable for younger readers.

Snyder is the author of many books, including “The Cliff Walk” and “Of Time and Memory.” He lives with his wife Coleen in Maine, where they raised their four children.

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