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LDS First Presidency members launch Google+ pages, Facebook in the future

First Presidency members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently launched their own personal pages on Google's social networking site, Google+. President Thomas S. Monson, President Henry B. Eyring and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf will also have their own Facebook accounts in the future.

Dale Jones, spokesperson for the LDS Church, released a statement regarding the new social media activity.

"The church has recently created Google+ pages for senior leadership and will launch similar pages on Facebook in the near future. These pages will act as an official social media presence for these leaders, where the church will post links to talks, articles, videos and other relevant content on their behalf," Jones said.

Google+ is a relatively new platform launched by Google Inc. in June 2011. According to, Google+ has become the second largest social networking site in the world.

Due to the creation of these Google+ pages, individuals who search for members of the First Presidency will begin to notice President Monson's, President Eyring's and President Uchtdorf's profile pictures appearing next to their content in Google search results.

Articles discussing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other official church social media platforms can be found on

Earlier this year, Shalyn Back of the Mormon Channel and Fernando Camilo, a social media specialist, appeared in a video on the Mormon Channel discussing how the LDS Church is using several different social media platforms.

Links to the new Google+ profile accounts can be found here: President Monson, President Eyring and President Uchtdorf.