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'Man of Steel': 3 points for parents

‘Man of Steel’: 3 points for parents

Violence – A military coup is taking place on Krypton and weapons are being used by the military to take over. The violence is very similar to what is seen in a comic book. Super strong and tough beings battle each other and destroy property in the process. Not only is there hand-to-hand fighting, but many weapons are used, including very high-caliber shells, as well as missiles. A train is also used as a weapon.

Language – There are a few instances of language in the film. There are also many threats thrown about.

Intensity – The intensity of the violence and the action should be taken into account. Much of the violence is over the top due to the perceived strength and abilities of the characters. One of the characters is driven by his one purpose, which allows him to disregard the lives of humans. There are people who die in this film, but no blood is shown as they do. At times, some characters are determined to finish off others.

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