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Sebastian de la Cruz performs national anthem again at NBA Finals, receives positive response

Sebastian de la Cruz, the 11-year-old performer from San Antonio, Texas, has had quite the week. Not only was he asked on the spur of the moment to perform the national anthem before Game 3 of the NBA Finals, but the young mariachi singer was asked to come back and perform again before Game 4.

Thursday night, San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro and his wife, Erica, formally introduced Sebastian to the audience before his second performance. The young man received loud applause from the crowd as he began to sing, once again dressed in his mariachi outfit.

After he finished, both NBA coaches, Gregg Popovich with the San Antonio Spurs and Erik Spoelstra with the Miami Heat, walked up to Sebastian and shook his hand.

During a press conference, Popovich spoke about the character Sebastian has shown.

"He’s a class act," Popovich said. "He makes you feel that the future can be very bright."

Before Thursday night's game, Castro posted a statement to Facebook addressing the negative comments that flooded Twitter Tuesday night after Sebastian's first performance.

"I'm proud of our young San Antonio superstar Sebastian de la Cruz for a spectacular rendition of our national anthem at last night's Spurs game," Castro posted. "Sebastian, don't let a few negative voices get you down. You are a true talent and you represent the best of our nation's future!"

Even President Barack Obama mentioned the young performer on Twitter:

"Don't miss @selcharrodeoro's encore performance of the national anthem at the NBA Finals in San Antonio tonight."

In an interview with ABC, Sebastian was asked what he would say to those who made negative comments regarding his performance.

"To the people who do have hatred in their hearts, I just want to tell them that they should think before they say things."