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Man accused of punching companion animal

SALT LAKE CITY — A man was charged Friday with torture of a companion animal after a neighbor said he took pictures of him hitting his dog.

Casey Bowmen, 25, of Salt Lake City, was charged in the 3rd District Court with torture of a companion animal, a third-degree felony.

Bowmen’s neighbor heard yelping coming from outside his home on May 29 that he said lasted about three minutes, according to the charging document. He looked outside to see Bowman hit his dog with a closed fist at least twice and stretched the dog out “like a rack” on a table.

Bowmen’s neighbor said he used both hands to force his weight down on top of the dog. The neighbor took pictures of the ordeal while his wife called police, according to the charging document.

The photos given to detectives show the dog on top of the table and Bowmen’s closed fists above the dogs face and Bowmen grabbing the dogs legs to stretch the dog across the table, the charges state. The photos also show Bowmen grabbing the dog by the back of the neck with one hand and carrying the dog into the house.

— Emilee Eagar