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Protect wolves

Gray wolf

Gray wolf

Associated Press

Don't strip wolves of their protections. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services declared victory and will remove wolves from the Endangered Species List. Many independent scientists have spoken against the delisting, along with many citizens.

Before a species can be removed from protection three core principles are by law to be in place. First, it calls for the establishment of multiple populations, distributed so that migration among them is possible, so that a single catastrophic event cannot wipe the wolves out. Second, there must be in place policies to stop known threats that guarantee the continued decline and eventual extinction of the species. Third, management plans for wolves must be in place for achieving annual population growth rates greater then zero, which will increase the size of the populations to levels where demographic and normal environmental uncertainites are less threatening. This has not been put in any one of the states' management plans of wolves. Until this happens wolves must not be removed from the ESA in order to remain protected.

Tracy Swenson