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Former Utah nanny sentenced to four years in prison, may face extradition to Belgium

SALT LAKE CITY — A former Utah nanny accused of abusing infants both in Utah and abroad may face extradition after a judge in Belgium sentenced her to four years in prison Tuesday.

Aubrey Anderson, 32, was sentenced to five years of probation in Utah just two weeks earlier after pleading guilty in April to two counts of child abuse in a case involving a Utah family.

Anderson is wanted in Belgium on similar charges filed in June 2011 after she was hired by a Belgium couple to care for a pair of twins only 16 days old. While the parents were at a hospital discovering their children had multiple fractures on their arms and legs, Anderson rushed to an airport and left the country, court records show.

She was tried in absentia while in Utah as the first step toward returning her to Belgium. Officials there have yet to decide whether to extradite Anderson, but the extradition treaty between the U.S. and Belgium permits extradition if the suspect is given a prison sentence of one year or more.

"Our office has always believed that Belgium had a strong case against her and that she would face justice in that country," Summit County Attorney David Brickey said.

Clayton Simms, Anderson’s attorney in the Utah case, said a new trial would take place in Belgium, despite the conviction Tuesday.

"If she did return to Belgium, she would have a completely fresh trial," Simms said. "So this conviction would be overturned immediately and it’s actually a condition upon the United States sending her to Belgium."

Anderson believes she will be cleared of charges there, Simms said.

"She may choose to waive extradition and go there and face the court," he said. "She feels strongly that she has a good position, that she’s innocent."

After leaving Belgium, Anderson was hired by a Park City couple in January 2012 as a nighttime nanny to look after their 1-month-old twins. After the daytime nanny noticed swelling on one of the infant’s legs and bruising on his forearm, the parents took the twins to Primary Children’s Medical Center. The doctor discovered remote rib fractures and breaks in both ankles of one of the infants.

Anderson is currently serving probation in the case.

If Belgium officials decide to extradite Anderson, a prosecutor will go through diplomatic channels to the U.S State Department. If the State Department officials agree, then another request will be sent to the Federal Courthouse in Salt Lake City where a judge will ask U.S. Marshals to take Anderson into custody.

Contributing: Carole Mikita