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Beverly Sudbury1924~2013Four exceptional children, one appreciative daughter-in-law, seven beautiful grandchildren, a dozen hilarious great-grandchildren, and countless loyal friends and garden afficionados are sad to report that our beautiful Beverly Sudbury has passed on from this life and met her beloved Don on Friday, 31 May 2013.Mom was a force of nature. She was born in 1924 to Myrtle Clark and Niels Richard (Dick) Cowley, and was the youngest of four children. She enjoyed a simple childhood in the Holladay area. She and her father were exceptionally close, and together took part in dance recitals and presentations. When she was growing up, Mom spent much time up in the mountains and later spoke of picking steer's head flowers, an elusive, almost brigadoonian flower which can only be found high up, at the instant the snow melts in the early spring.She married Don in 1945 and together they had four children. As a young wife and mother, Beverly spent her time cooking, cleaning, canning, teaching, loving, raising a family, gardening, and so much more. The gardening which began as a means to feed the family, eventually changed in focus and her yard became a showpiece created lovingly by Beverly and her dear Don, as they complimented each other's personalities, in gardening and in life.Beverly found her work in the LDS church fulfilling and rewarding, especially the times she taught the youth. This love of sharing continued with her volunteer work at the Red Butte Gardens; once again often focusing on the youth workshops. However, her diligent physical work in the early years when the garden was just beginning alongside her husband, Don, was unequaled by many. A favorite spot in the gardens was the garden she helped create.Some of Mom's happiest moments were when she was helping people, which she demonstrated with her involvement with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir during the time that Dad was a member. While providing a special service, she and Don wove strong relationships and friendships that have endured through the years. Additionally, the experience offered worldwide travels which Beverly and Don met with a great sense of adventure.The best part of her life was meeting Don. When asked recently to imagine a life had they not me, she scoffed. It was unimaginable. She shared an additional 10 years with us after his death, missing him much. This was a blessing for her family, friends, even strangers, whose lives she enriched with her hugs, and her love of sharing information, her beautiful gardens, and her sweet self.Mom is the Master Gardener grand dame of our family, and certainly of the local gardening and daylily world. Her gardens are an unexpected treasure of beauty, fragrance and comfort, and reflect her perfectly. She has a staggering assortment of daylilys, which she cultivates and hybridizes. She grows trees which are not supposed to grow in this climate, plants that magically curl up when you touch them, and flowers that you can eat. When her grandchildren asked her the difference between a weed and a flower, she said, " If you don't like it, it's a weed. If you like it, it's a flower."Mom was small in stature but steely in resolve. The winds of gardens, family and drama blew through her life and she thoroughly appreciated them all. She was not given to idleness of any sort, and spent hours in her own garden up until her last week of life. Since she lost Dad almost exactly ten years ago, she has expressed her strong desire to be with him again. Beverly is survived by her children, Michael, Ann, Rob (Virginia Lynn) and Jean, grandchildren Bryan, Michelle (Skip), Mindy, Heather, Lisa (Alan), Brenda (Gary), and Amy; greatgrandchildren Sarah, Lindsey, Chaya , Alison, Sam, Chloe, Thomas, Gracie, Emily, Atticus, and Phineas. She was preceded by her adored husband Don and her siblings Brick, Lamar, and Leola.Two of Mom's favorite places were the Red Butte Garden and Gilgal Garden. She and Dad devoted many, many hours volunteering and working in both Gardens. They designed and planted the first perennial garden at Red Butte. In lieu of flowers, she has asked that donations be made to the Red Butte Garden or to any cause that you feel good about.Services will be held, Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East 10600 South, Sandy, Utah. A viewing will be held Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 at Larkin Mortuary, 260 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah and one hour prior to services at Larkin Sunset Gardens. Interment at Larkin Sunset Gardens.