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No government trust

It would appear that with all of the unexcused — and inexcusable — activities which have been participated in by several of our federal government agencies, of which several really stretch constitutional limits, such as "Fast and Furious," the inexcusable tragedy in Benghazi, the spying on all of us and the government snooping on James Rosen of the press, plus the collection of millions of emails and phone calls by the NSA, all in the name of security from "terrorism," someone, in a timely fashion, said that we are approaching the situation described in the story "1984." It appears that "Big Brother" really is watching us.

Obama is quoted as saying something to the effect that "If the people don't trust the government, we have a problem." And, yes sir, we do have a problem, because there are a whole lot of us who do not trust our current government.

Russell Bender