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'Monsters University': 3 points for parents

‘Monsters University’: 3 points for parents

Cartoon violence — There are moments of violence, but they are no worse than any cartoon on television. Many are played for comedic purposes. The monsters must complete tasks, some of which have physical consequences.

Message — Parents will find messages they can share with kids in this film. One of those is determination. Keep working toward your goals and don’t give up. Another is teamwork. Help those who surround you to accomplish all they can. Also the message that there are consequences to your actions.

Fear — The monsters are just like those in the original film, except for one, Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren). She is hard-nosed and stiff and can bring a sense of fear to a room. Some kids may have a problem, but not many, since the majority of characters are jovial and the scaring is only done on simulators.

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