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Deseret News, KSL honored with SPJ Utah Headliners Awards

SALT LAKE CITY — The Deseret News and KSL were honored last week for excellence in print, digital and broadcast journalism at the Utah Headliners Awards by the Society of Professional Journalists.

Amy Joi O’Donoghue of the Deseret News was named Best Newspaper Reporter, first place; Jennifer Stagg of KSL-TV was named Best TV Reporter, first place; and KSL NewsRadio’s Randall Jeppesen and Andrew Adams received second- and third-place recognition in the Best Radio Reporter category.

They were among the 79 total awards and 33 first place honors presented to KSL and the Deseret News, which are owned by Deseret Management Corp.

Recognition was also given in visual categories: Peter Rosen of KSL received a first-place award as Best Videographer, and Jeffrey Allred of the Deseret News received second place in the Best Photographer category, with Ravell Call, also of the Deseret News, earning honorable mention recognition, in addition to first place wins in other categories. won first place for Best News-oriented Website and KSL’s social media team earned second-place recognition for Best Use of News-oriented Social Media for its political coverage in 2012.

“The awards reflect our deep commitment to covering the news and issues that are important to Utah families and individuals, and we bring it to our readers, viewers and listeners across multiple platforms, including television, the Internet, radio and in print,” said Doug Wilks, managing editor of the News Division for KSL and the Deseret News.

The integrated newsroom was created in 2010, part of an innovative strategy to increase the reach of both the Deseret News and KSL, becoming not only a leader in digital media, but strengthening its coverage and operations during a time of disruption for media throughout the world.

"We're very proud of the work being done here," said Paul Edwards, editor of the Deseret News. "We know that the strength of the company is in the people that work here, day in and day out. They're among the finest working in media today."

Deseret News

Best Newspaper Reporter: Amy Joi O'Donoghue, first place.

Best Photographer: Jeffrey Allred, second place; Ravell Call, honorable mention.

Spot News: McKenzie Romero, first place, "Classmates gather to mourn loss..."; Pat Reavy, third place, "Hundreds of volunteers help clean up mess..."

General News: Emiley Morgan, first place, "Fear, prayer and peace: Man recalls frantic efforts to save fallen brother-in-law"; Marjorie Cortez, third place, "Homeless court metes out justice."

General Feature: Emiley Morgan, first place, "Couple planning wedding, life, despite stage 4 cancer diagnosis."

Best Series: Marjorie Cortez, Lois Collins, Mercedes White, Elizabeth Stuart and Thomas Betar, first place, "Coming to our Census: The Changing Face of Utah"; Lois Collins, third place, "How Will I Die."

Continuing Coverage: Pat Reavy, Wendy Leonard and Steve Fidel, second place, "Sins of the father."

Religion and Values Reporting: David Ward, second place, "The American Bible Challenge"; Sara Israelsen-Hartley, honorable mention, "Colliding causes: Gay rights and religious liberty."

Minority Issues Reporting: McKenzie Romero, second place, "Foreign sheepherders in Utah divided on wages, working conditions"; Dennis Romboy, third place, "In search of hope along the U.S.-Mexico border"; Mercedes White, honorable mention, "Moms key in Hispanic women going to college."

Education Reporting: Mercedes White, third place, "Why boys' literacy skills lag behind girls'."

Opinion Column: Jay Evensen, first place and second place, "40 years later this racer..." and "Fire and stupidity — close cousins in Utah."

Sports Column: Mike Sorensen first place, "Enigmatic Majerus"; Brad Rock, second place, "More to complicated Rick Majerus"; Jody Genessy, third place, "In Pheonix with the Jazz and all I want to do is hug my kids in Utah."

Sports Deadline Writing: Jody Genessy, third place, "Utah Jazz 'Millslap' Nuggets for a victory."

Sports Non-deadline Writing: Brad Rock, second place, "King James rocks, but Wilt ruled."

Spot News Photo: Ravell Call, first place, "Herriman Wildfire"; Scott Winterton, third place, "Dike Break"; Jeffrey Allred, honorable mention, "Wild Land Fire" and "Fireman's Helper."

Feature photo: Kristin Murphy, second place, "Thousands Celebrate Holi Festival of Colors"; Ravell Call, honorable mention, "Transit of Venus."

General News Photo: Ravell Call, first place, "Border Patrol Funeral."

Photo Essay: Jeffrey Allred, second place, "Larger Than Life."

Sports Action Photo: Ravell Call, first place, "Golden Goal State Champions"; Jeffrey Allred, second place, "Bobbled Ball."

Sports Feature Photo: Scott Winterton, third place, "Season Ending."

Best News-oriented Website:, first place.


Best TV Reporter: Jennifer Stagg, first place.

Best Videographer: Peter Rosen, first place; Alan Neves, third place.

TV Minority Issues Reporting: Candice Madsen, first place, "Coming to our Census."

TV General Feature: Ken Fall, Peter Rosen, first place, "Irish dancers"; John Daley, Ken Fall, second place, "RSL punk."

TV Education Reporting: Jennifer Stagg, first place, "Employees claim Canyons superintendent rules by intimidation."

TV Continuing Coverage: Devon Dolan, first place, "Accused Little League football coach"; Linda Williams, Mike Headrick, Darren Bailey, third place, "Radon regulations."

TV Series: Tonya Papanikolas, first place, "Exploring Utah's connections to Germany."

TV Personality Profile: Peter Rosen, first place, "Trucker's telescope"; Alex Cabrero, Ken Fall and Brian McBride, second place, "Piano prodigy"; Mike Anderson, third place, "Childhood carousel helps Cache County man."

TV Business/Consumer Reporting: Peter Rosen, second place, "Shoppers prepare for Cyber Monday."

TV Criminal Justice Reporting: Peter Rosen second place, "Meth recovery."

TV Military Reporting: John Hollenhorst, Ken Fall, first place, "NSA Utah center"; Keith McCord, Pat Duran, Matt Powers, Joe DeLuca, Ken Fall, second place, "A soldier's letters home."

TV Non-deadline Sports Reporting: Michael Headrick, Linda Williams and Darren Bailey, first place, "Personal foul: Parents"; Andrew Adams, third place, "City and SLC airport work to keep Wingpointe golf course open."

TV Multimedia Journalist: Andrew Adams, third place, "What parents should know about Snapchat app."

Feature Videography: Jared Hargrave, second place, "Ghost hunters investigate Baron Woolen Mills"; Alan Neves, third place, "Utahn swims the English Channel."

KSL radio

Best Radio Reporter: Randall Jeppesen, second place; Andrew Adams, third place.

Best Radio Newscast: KSL staff, first place.

Radio Spot News: KSL staff, first place, "Dump fire."

Continuing Coverage: KSL staff, first place.

Radio Best Use of Sound: Peter Samore, first place, "Francom funeral"; Nkoyo Iyamba, second place, "Voice study."

Radio General News: Andrew Adams, first place, "Gun availability"; second place, "School guns."

Radio Multimedia Journalist: Randall Jeppesen, first place; Andrew Adams, second place.

Radio Military Reporting: Randall Jeppesen, first-place, "Black hawk."

Radio Education Reporting: Mary Richards, first place, "Teacher retention."

Radio Personality Profile: Mary Richards, first place, "Piano prodigies."

Radio Criminal Justice Reporting: Peter Samore, first place, "Bath salts."

Radio Business/Consumer Reporting: Bill Gephardt, first place, "Senior phones."

Radio Non-deadline Sports Reporting: Randall Jeppesen, first place, "House divided."

Radio General Features: Paul Nelson, second place, "Safe scare."

Radio Series: Maria Shilaos, second-place, "Modesty messages."

Radio Government Reporting: Dave Cawley, second place, "AG primary."