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The Gym at City Creek - Speaking on Business


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Known for its "New York Style" level of sophistication, the Gym at City Creek is located right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake. This world class fitness facility not only offers state of the art fitness technology, it also provides a clear view of City Creek and 100 South out of its large windows. Some of the amenities included are free weights, treadmills, bikes, an indoor pool, spa, sauna, and even racquetball and basketball courts. Other services offered include a variety of fitness classes, private showers and locker rooms, a daily laundry service, and even a juice bar where you can fuel up before or after a workout.

The staff's goals are to make exercising fun and provide everything necessary for you to make positive life changes through exercise. Recent research and studies have linked regular exercise to the prevention of disease, weight loss, and improving overall quality of life. The location and services available at the gym make it easy for the thousands of people who work or live downtown to get their daily exercise.