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Iran's rise

Iran has a monstrous appetite for regional power that would give them what they have long wanted — a clear, loud voice on the world stage. The United States has been generous in helping Iran to achieve their goal. First, we spent vast sums of money and many thousands of American lives in smashing Iraq, Iran's long-time enemy and the only nation in the region powerful enough to keep them in check. Next we allowed our preoccupation with a few miscreants in Afghanistan and, to a lesser extent, North Korea, to keep us on the sidelines as Iran dug deeply into the civil war in Syria.

George W. Bush and Barack Obama are on different ends of the political spectrum but they have one thing in common — they and their counselors have failed us. It is true that we Americans tire quickly when we pour massive efforts into ill-conceived, fruitless dead ends. We have spent lavishly on wars that have no strategic value and in the end will amount to nothing. In 10 years no one will even remember we were ever in Iraq except, of course, Iran, who will be quietly grateful for the invaluable assistance we provided them in their rise to relevance on the world stage.

Masif N. Farqsian

Salt Lake City